Bright Futures

Repayment FAQ's

  • Why do I have to repay the funds if my Dean has removed fee liability?
  • This issue is addressed by the legislation itself. From "Funds for any scholarship within the Florida Bright Futures Scholarship Program may not be used to pay for courses dropped by a student or courses from which a student has withdrawn after the end of the drop and add period."

  • Does this have anything to do with the seventh week deadline?
  • No. The seventh week drop deadline pertains to grade liability. If you drop by the end of the seventh week the course will not appear on your transcript. All drops after drop/add are fee liable.

  • I should have been dropped from the class for non-attendance, so why should I have to repay?
  • Bright Futures funds must be repaid for courses dropped after drop/add, no matter the reason for the drop. You see, if the course was on your schedule at the time drop/add ended you received that money, even though it most likely appeared transparent to you since it was immediately applied to your tuition bill. This is why it is so important to verify your final schedule before drop/add ends!

  • What happens if I don't pay the charge right away?
  • Until the funds are repaid you will be unable to register for upcoming terms or obtain official transcripts. If you had already registered for a future term and do not pay your bill before drop/add the University may cancel your schedule.

  • How soon after payment will my stop be lifted?
  • Accounts receivable stops are lifted immediately and automatically upon receipt of payment in full.

  • What is the procedure to appeal?
  • The legislation allows for exceptions in the case of "verifiable illness or other documented emergency". If you believe you have reason for an appeal, follow the process outlined in the State Programs Appeal Form available in the Forms section of the Office of Financial Aid website.